Thursday, May 22, 2008

crashing computers!

My worst computer fear - unable to boot up and my precious pics of my girls aren't fully backed up! Four and a half years worth. I could have cried on Tuesday when I found my PC with a horrid blue screen with error messages. John attempted a patch, but really no luck. So we got in "safe mode" and plugged in our brand new back up harddrive and I started copying the files. Sure does take a looooooooong time in safe mode. Besides our "graphics card" problem we now know we have, there is something else wrong with our hardware, as for no apparent reason, it gets 'stuck' copying certain photos. No reason why, the pics are no different than any other. I've been working around it by stopping, skipping and copying the remainder of the respective folders, but that makes a slow process even slower.

Wish me luck, I've got another year or so of pics to copy before we get a friend to attempt to fix it.

On a side note, after shopping at Best Buy for the harddrive, I am in LOVE with the idea of a shiny, new lap top. John is drooling over a huge monitor for either this computer or a new one. We'll have to see if we can both get what we want.

Since we are temporarily computer-less at home, I won't be on for a while. Sure does feel WIERD to not have a computer at home. If I want to look up a phone number, I actually have to find a phone book. Haven't done that in years.


Friday, May 16, 2008

well, its our turn for the stomach flu.

I've heard the stomach flu was going around, and it certainly found us. blech. Both girls have had temperatures and each has had varying stomach ills. Nooooooo fun. We are supposed to head up to Lexington tomorrow, but we'll see if they both are feeling better. No sense and sharing the germ with the rest of the family.

The other night, Alexa gave us a dose of our own medicine. We were driving back from Gigi and Papa Tom's and Alexa kept saying "well, I want to ....." "well, I have to watch those cartoons..." "well..." So, we were repeating her. First we get the standard "Stop laughing. That's not funny!" Which made us laugh harder. Then she said "Don't even think about it!" Huh, wonder were she heard that from??? ;)

Welp, here are some pics of my chicklets on healthier days...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Isn't this past my bedtime?

10:50 PM. John and I have a softball game. yes, really, 10:50 or later if the games before us are backed up. Oy. I'm normally in bed before 11:00. Every week game time rotates, so thankfully, we only have one 10:50 game, and a couple 9:40 games. My dad is coming to watch the girls, and will stay the night.

Nothing like a meeting first thing in the morning to force me to be on-time and one right after lunch! I'm going to need some serious caffiene tonight and tomorrow.

Ava in the wave pool

Ava in the wave pool

A perfect landing!

A perfect landing!