Monday, January 26, 2009

Time to tie up some loose ends...

We vote on our union contract this week. Hopefully there will be enough votes to pass. It's going to be close. I don't want to lose pay either, but I'd rather keep a full-time job. Our meeting is Wednesday. Should be very interesting.

John heard about his job. (We were unsure he'd have a job after the first of the year.) He's still there. Which is good! Apparently he's "ok" until the end of March. Then, we don't know. Again.

But then this week... a new wrinkle. (It's seriously, never ending!) His employer though has basically "transferred" all of their contract employees to a new contract house. He keeps his same assignment, but new company for the benefits. We finally heard today that he will keep his same pay (a 20% pay cut prior to this point should have been way more than enough, but it's not up to me, right?) and vacation, so that's a plus. He has a meeting tomorrow to hear more and to hopefully get the enrollment package for the benefits we do use.

Alexa and Ava have a new found addiction for Harry Potter movies. Seriously? I have no idea why. We've watched three of them in the last four days.

We're taking Ava for a speech evaluation next week. I don't know if she is really behind (she is hard to understand) but it won't hurt to get an evaluation. I'm just not telling my dad until AFTER it's over. Because, his babies are perfect (which I know!) and there is nothing wrong with Ava. I will hear that for the next ten days if I tell him now.

Alexa has decided that when she goes to kindergarten, (I need to figure out when I register her) she is going to get a boyfriend. So not ready for this.

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Christy said...

Glad to hear John is safe at least for now. GL with the union contract and the speech evaluation. Ava is perfect regardless of the results. ;-)

LMAO @ Alexa's goal for kindergarten! She and Jack would be quite a pair as he's eagerly anticipating his wedding to one of his current classmates. So much for being young and sowing the wild oats before settling down.

Ava in the wave pool

Ava in the wave pool

A perfect landing!

A perfect landing!