Friday, February 27, 2009

Home a few hours early and a layout

I really hate working in the evening. But, I sure do like getting out early because of it. I gave my Child Passenger Safety presentation to day care providers on Wednesday night. I took those extra hours and a couple from my bank and got out of there early! I'm home with a little bit of quiet time, I won't pick the girls up during day care's nap time unless really necessary. Nothing like waking up my girls and making them crabby.

I finished a bunch of layouts and projects for the Apron Strings March kit. I can't show them yet, but have to say I used up almost every sheet of paper in the kit. :) Loved it all. I can post one of my other layouts I made for the journaling challenge. This layout is all about how I regret not having more pictures of my mom with Alexa. She only got 5 months with her, and I literally have TWO pictures of them together, where you can see my mom's face. Pretty sad.

Journaling reads: "Just two pictures. Not nearly enough. We didn't realize how little time you would have with Alexa. I wish I could go back and take more pictures like this. Nana and Alexa Palma, on the night she was born. 12-29-03"

So, take bunches and bunches of pictures. And don't forget to take the "bigger picture" - not just up close shots - and get in a few yourself. (this I need to work on especially).

Happy Friday!


Sharon said...

Big hugs, Maria. It's beautiful.

Lucy Edson said...

So beautiful, Maria and a great reminder. Looking back on the first years of my dd's life - I can't believe how much I did the same thing. Hugs!

Jenny B said...

Your mom looks so happy and proud holding Alexa. It's beautiful.

Jamie said...

Aww, I'm in tears now. You're right - 2 pictures is not nearly enough. Even though I take tons of pictures I realize very few actually have me in them. And very few with my mom in them. I will work on getting more of them. Thanks for the reminder.

And I have to say the pages are just beautiful. I wish I had the talent that you do.

Ava in the wave pool

Ava in the wave pool

A perfect landing!

A perfect landing!