Saturday, April 25, 2009

Becareful of what you wish for.

I had a night alone last night. I had to work late in Lansing and John wanted to take the girls up to his parents cottage to visit. A single, glorious night to myself. And what did I do? Not a damn thing. I have officially reached the "I'm old" stage. No desire to go out to the bar, or even another house. My excitement? Showering (in peace and quiet), scrapbooking and watching a DVR'd Grey's Anatomy (and SERIOUSLY, what is up with the dying kids on that show!). Yes, I know, mind blowing excitement. To top off my overly exciting night, I woke up at 6:30. So much for sleeping in.

Here's the truth. I missed them terribly (even John). Probably didn't help that I watched a Grey's Anatomy where a 6 year old girl dies. Good choice Maria. I rarely get a night like this (#2, ever). And, I did need some solitude. They are very attached to me, especially since John has had class 2 nights and one weekend day for the last 7+ months. They need to bond with him and do fun things with him. But, I can't wait for my chicklets to get home today!

Maybe we can get a couple hours outside before it rains - again. We may have secretly been teleported to Seattle. I am so sick of RAIN.
Today's high - 82. Almost 20 degrees above normal. Spring? Did I miss it?


Sharon said...

As much as I crave my "Mommy Time", I sure do miss my boogers when they are away.

Jenny B said...

Awwww! I hope you are enjoying your time with them today.

Jamie said...

I've decided I'm getting old too! And I know what you mean about missing them. Somedays all I want is a few hours to myself, but then I start missing them and can't wait for them get back.

Ava in the wave pool

Ava in the wave pool

A perfect landing!

A perfect landing!