Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pictures from the Orchard

A couple weeks ago (yes, I'm behind) we took a trip to Westview Orchards. It was actually a very warm fall day. Cider, donuts, ice cream, apples, more donuts... there were play areas, a bounce pad, a huge slide and a tractor ride.

This picture cracks me up:

The girls had a blast, their favorite part was probably feeding the animals. I loved how the animals poked their heads through the fence when taking pictures. There were donkeys, sheep, ponies, ducks and pigs. Well, hello there Dolly... too cute!

I take that back. The baby animals were the CUTEST EVER!

The weather has turned cold here, pretty soon we'll be out picking pumpkins for painting and carving. I'm looking forward to getting my October ASD kit with some fabulous fall papers. I should go work out, but I think I'll grab a blanket and curl up with a magazine instead!

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Wendy Kwok said...

looks like so much fun! Congrats on ths SNR feature.

Ava in the wave pool

Ava in the wave pool

A perfect landing!

A perfect landing!