Monday, July 28, 2008

A trip down memory lane!

I thought I would post these here after a question came up on a website, I've just started visiting. (A Million Memories - I just subscribed to their monthly kit - ADDICTING!) The question was, "what was your wedding dress like?" So, here was mine....

Ah, back when I was young, thin and energtic! My train was so long, my Maid of Honor (Jen!) had to keep "fluffing" it, so it wouldn't get all flipped around. I still owe her from that!

And, our HUGE wedding party. Nothing screams ITALIAN, like a large wedding party.

Poor John, he had no idea what he was marrying into. ;)


Christy said...

GOOOOOORGEOUS, Maria!!! It looks like our wedding were similar -- fancy Catholic church, long trains, lots of attendants -- but ours was Irish instead of Italian. I'd rather be on your team -- better food and less beer!

Jen said...

Beautiful! That church is gorgeous! I too had quite the large wedding party. :)

Ava in the wave pool

Ava in the wave pool

A perfect landing!

A perfect landing!